Vladimir Kasatkin

Vladimir Ivanovich Kasatkin

Honored artist of Russia (2007), artist Gus factory from 1971 to 2019 (48 years), starting from 2013 - chief artist. Vladimir has the huge creative potential, in 2000 he was recognized as the best artist of the year in the CIS. He is also the author of crystal prize "Russian of the year", established in 2005.

There are more than 60 author works by V.I. Kasatkin in the Museum of Crystal in the city of Gus-Khrustalny (a branch of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve). The Composition "Hymn to Glass" is the masterpiece of the museum exposition is made in 1983 in collaboration with V.S. Muratov. Author's works of Kasatkin are shaking with the beauty of the idea, the expressiveness of the form, the significance of the idea. One of the most successful works - the composition Grief (2005) is the pain and repentance of our war-burned century. The glass in his works here looks alive, keeping the movement of a hot mass, filled with the life of color. The sculptures The Ark (2002), The Night on Ivan Kupala (2009) are notable for their expressive means and the rigor of the color solution. The author managed to embody all the beauty and splendor, all the plastic possibilities of glass with a minimum of artistic techniques. Exploring the creative heritage of the past, the artist creates new interpretations of ancient techniques, bringing innovation to the traditions of the craft. The composition "Wave" (2005), made in the author's technique, combining sandblasting with engraving on laminated glass is the pride of the collection.

Winner of the Gold Medal of the Academy of Arts of the Russian Federation (2014).

Works of Vladimir Kasatkin adorn the leading museums of the country. They are exhibited at the Museum of Ceramics, the Ensemble Kuskovo of the 18th Century, the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve, the State Historical Museum, the Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg; Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve, the Crystal Museum in Gus-Khrystalny, as well as in many private collections in Russia and abroad.


Born on September 4, 1945 in the city of Gus-Khrustalny. After graduating from high school in 1965, he came to work at the Gusevsky Crystal Factory as a student, and then as a diamond master. In 1971 he graduated from the Leningrad Higher Art and Industrial School of Mukhina (1966-1971). From 1971 to January 2012 he worked as an artist at the Gusevsky Crystal Factory. From 2013 to the present, the chief artist of LLC "Gusevsky Crystal Factory named after Maltsov".

Since 1973 he is a member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation. Since December 26, 2013 - the chief artist of LLC "Gusevsky Crystal Factory named after Maltsov". Since 1972, he has been a regular participant of numerous Russian and International exhibitions in Germany, Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Sweden, and the USA.


  • In 1972, he was awarded the Diploma of the Academy of Arts of the USSR for a series of works presented at the exhibition Art Glass of Russian Plants of 1972
  • In 1978, he was awarded the Bronze Medal of the VDNH USSR
  • In 1982, was awarded the Certificate of Honor of G.G. Feigin (Vladimir Komsomol Regional Committee).
  • In 1989, he was awarded the International Diploma "For Mastery in Glass Making" in Walswasser, GDR.
  • In 2000, recognized as the best artist of the year in the CIS.
  • In 2000 he was awarded the Diploma of the exhibition "World of Glass - 2000" (Set for wine "Bolero", decorative composition "Kolomna Versta").
  • In 2007 he was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.
  • In 2003 he was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.
  • In 2014, he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Academy of Arts of the Russian Federation.
  • 2014 - Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts.
  • 2015 - Gold Medal Spirituality. Traditions. Craftsmanship " "VTOO" Union of Artists of Russia (2015)
  • Since 2016 Honorary Citizen of Gus-Khrustalny


Metamorphoses in the glass of Vladimir Kasatkin

The artist is a magician, a big heart. He extracts beauty, finds freshness in everything, scavenges, subdues the elements. The artist is a man of free will, he is urged by the inner demon. We live in the world of our own aspirations and anxieties. This is a joyful and tragic world.

Marc Chagall

Vladimir Ivanovich Kasatkin is one of the most versatile and talented artists of our time, whose art is called the measure of the aesthetic and technical level of the GusCrystal Factory. The artist's work is based on a deep knowledge of technological processes, processing secrets and the specifics of the material. The basis of this knowledge is in the vast experience in the development of all parts of production, from the diamond cutter master to the professional artist.

At the very beginning of his artistic career in the late 1960s, Vladimir Kasatkin entered the circle of an already established team of professional artists, formed part of the concept of "the Gus glass school", where he was to find his place. The ambition to uncover the secrets of the craft, search for different approaches to work with glass, creative self-improvement helped to find their own niche in the overall process.

Kasatkin devoted nearly 50 years of his life to the Gus Crystal Factory. Dozens of samples of souvenirs and mass products designed by himself were firmly included in the factory assortment. There is a non-standard thinking with simultaneous respect for Russian traditions in these products. They are distinguished by conciseness, constructive clarity and a clearly expressed idea, the essence. His stacks Boot, souvenir helmets, a vase Cascade, a carafe for water Cornflower and many others are very popular. The Boot stacks are good, stable, they are based on the functional method of the tavern non-falling stack with a thick bay, and the original diamond pattern, softening the shape, allowed us to create a charming, fabulous image. The composition "Rus" - stylized helmets of the epic warriors, transmitting the pricelessness of the classic colorless crystal due to a large, good facet based on the pattern "Russian stone". The vase Tradition one meter high, which has become a symbol of the Gus crystal factory, is perceived as an ode to the skills of the Gus handymen, accumulated over a two-century history of production.

Vladimir Kasatkin
Vladimir Kasatkin

Along with the design projects, Vladimir Kasatkin created author's works of an unique plan. The best of them shake by the beauty of the idea, the expressiveness of the form, the significance of the idea. In these works, the creative individuality of the artist was visibly manifested. All of them have a concise completeness, precision decorative techniques. Strong, masculine confident lines of forms in combination with logical completeness, refined decorative techniques create a graphic expressiveness of objects. Individual works, embodied on the verge of the possibilities of fragile material, are striking with courage of an idea. Thus, the composition Frozen Sounds, dedicated to the majestic architecture of St. Georges Cathedral in Gus-Khrustalny - thin strings flying upward with drops-notes at the ends - it seems a little bit more - and melt, dissolve under the arches of the temple - music embodied in glass. The same technique is used in the composition "Rosinka".

Kasatkin is an artist of a wide creative range. He skillfully uses all known techniques, owning the techniques of gut shaping, wide-plane and diamond facets, uses the original author's technique, combining sandblasting and engraving, creating a rich texture, echoing the glass in the style of E. Galle (vases Awakening, Grove Gold, "Blue", "Bakhchisarai").

Despite the inherent severity of his coloristic solution, the artist managed to realize surprisingly deep, lyrical images. One of the most poetic is the dish "Evening". The saturated color of glass, which changes the depth of the curves of the relief, conveys all the colors of the forest, sinking into the twilight of a warm summer night. The artistic image is achieved due to the deep penetration into the flesh of the material with the help of a deep polished face, a flowing line turning into a living plant ornament.

With all the minimalism of decorative accents, the artist manages to create emotionally strong sculptural compositions that are not comparable with anything ever created in glass. With the pinching tenderness of plastic, Penetration sounds - the theme of combining male and female beginnings. The fragility of sculptures - as a symbol of the fragility of human relationships. The dynamism and expressiveness of free plastics, complemented by the harmonious interaction of two colors, sounds like a single melody of the topic.

We see the same lapidarity of artistic means and the severity of the color solution in the plastic "Ark". But the alarmingly intriguing image of a spacecraft, designed to preserve the civilization of earthlings, invariably attracts attention and delays the viewers of the audience.

One of the most memorable works is the composition Grief - it transmits a whole range of feelings: bitterness and pain, suffering and hope, a bright mind and powerless rage. Grief is the pain and repentance of our war-burned century. The glass here looks alive, keeping the movement of a hot mass, filled with the life of color.

Kasatkin has never been confined to sketching in his creativity. He works with the masters at the fiery furnace, is involved in the creation of form the basis of works, said the nuances of the cut in the shop grinding, manages the process of sandblasting... Desire to go through all the stages of creation, to breathe life into it, to bring himself the glass to the rays of light that lit the inside of the unique play of color and chiaroscuro all this is comparable to the process of the birth of a new life. A versatile artist, he can think and create his work with a point of hot glass to the last set of diamond touch. Professional artist of old school, Master. In our days, with the closing of many glass companies in the country, the little manage to achieve such professionalism.

What drives the creativity of the Master? The ability to wonder the world, the desire to learn, the desire for self-improvement, the dream of reviving the former glory of Gus crystal ... He finds inspiration in the rich traditions of Russian culture, in the classical art of the East, in the poetry of nature, in the mysteries of the universe, in the psychology of human relationships ... Family, everyday pleasures served as a push for original creative finds. So, the above-mentioned Boots stacks appeared when the daughter was born, and suddenly I wanted to create something joyful and funny ... And when my granddaughter was born, a series dedicated to the beauty of the native Meshchera region appeared.

Solar chariot
Solar chariot, 2017

Passion for the history of the ancient ancestors of the Slavs led to the creation of unique works - compositions "The Solar Chariot and" Kolahud "- the image of an ancient military helmet depicting a goose and sun. These works, donated by the artist to the local history museum, serve as an ornament to the exposition.

Works of the master entered the treasury of world art. Vladimir Kasatkin's glass is represented in the collections of major museums, in private collections in different parts of the world. He is the author of many crystal prizes for various sports competitions, contests and festivals. The author of the prize of the vocal competition "New Wave", held in Jurmala, the creator of the prize "Russian of the Year", which owners has become famous artists, writers, public figures. The crystal princely helmet of V. Kasatkin adorns the collection of gifts of Chinese Prime Minister V. Jiabao, the Normandie-Neman winged cup is in the collection of ex-French President F. Mitterand, and a unique chess set of white and black crystal, made according to the artists sketches, was presented to the Chairman of the State Council of Dagestan M. Magomedov.

At the beginning of the 21st century, when the Gus Crystal Factory entered the premium segment of the domestic market with a focus on exclusive products, Kasatkin developed a new collection of products that became not only decorative accents of modern interiors, but also collectibles. Among them is the sophisticated desk set Consul, the fragile exquisite set Freestyle. For Vladimir Kasatkin, glass is not only a favorite material to which he dedicated his life, but also the basis for creating his own special world. The beauty of its glass is a creative reflection of this.

Vladimir Kasatkin
Zurab Tsereteli presents the mantle of the honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts to Vladimir Kasatkin, 2014.

It is difficult to overestimate the contribution of Vladimir Kasatkin to the development of the Gus art school. He enriched the glass of Gus-Crystal with the originality of forms, the refinement of color solutions, emotionality, depth of images, and high craftsmanship. All this puts the artist in one row with the best works of modernity.

A. Chukanova
Keeper of the glass collection of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve